Lucy Sanchez (Yu laboratory) and Britta Rued (Winkler and Giedroc laboratories)
have agreed to serve as our inaugural QCB ambassadors and will generally function as advocates for the program among their fellow students in Chemistry and Microbiology groups.
(Posted 12/1/2016)
ScIU - Conversations in Science at Indiana University
Developed by a remarkable group of College graduate students, ScIU aims to clearly communicate scientific topics, including such pressing topics as human health and well-being and the sustainability of life on our planet. ScIU believes that open communication about science is everyone's responsibility, scientist and non-scientist alike.
(Posted 8/22/2016)
Dr. Semin Lee
has been awarded a University Graduate School Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2016. This is the highest honor for research that Indiana University bestows upon its graduate students. Dr Lee is currently a Beckman Fellow at the University of Illinois.
(Posted 6/29/2016)
NSF grants IU $525,000 to advance research on molecular transformations, 'carbon recycling'
Steven L. Tait and Kenneth Caulton will combine their expertise in two distinct fields of chemistry -- surface chemistry and metal-organic chemistry -- to create new catalysts that guide molecular transformations. Read More
(Posted 6/29/2016)
Biochemist Richard DiMarchi is 'true entrepreneur'
Richard DiMarchi spends most of his week doing cardiometabolic research for Novo Nordisk, continuing work he started years earlier. Full Article
(Posted 6/21/2016)
Daiana A. Capdevila, postdoctoral researcher
and native of Argentina, is named to the 2016 class of Pew Latin American Fellows in the Biomedical Sciences, and will receive support to spend two years in the lab of David Giedroc. Read More
(Posted 6/10/2016)

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