Biochemist Richard DiMarchi is 'true entrepreneur'
Richard DiMarchi spends most of his week doing cardiometabolic research for Novo Nordisk, continuing work he started years earlier. Full Article
(Posted 6/21/2016)
Daiana A. Capdevila, postdoctoral researcher
and native of Argentina, is named to the 2016 class of Pew Latin American Fellows in the Biomedical Sciences, and will receive support to spend two years in the lab of David Giedroc. Read More
(Posted 6/10/2016)
Professor Steve Tait is the recipient of the 2016 AVS Prairie Chapter Early Career Award
based on his cumulative work in surface studies of self-organized supramolecular systems and contributions to the American Vacuum Society.
(Posted 5/5/2016)
3rd Annual Symposium on Materials Research

(Posted 4/27/2016)
Professors Kevin Brown, Megan Thielges, and Yan Yu land prestigious NSF CAREER Awards
The NSF Faculty Early Career Development Awards, known as the NSF CAREER Awards, recognize faculty who "exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research." Read the full article.
(Posted 3/31/2016)
IU scientists create 'nano-reactor' for the production of hydrogen biofuel

Scientists led by Trevor Douglas have created a highly efficient biomaterial that catalyzes the formation of hydrogen -- one half of the "holy grail" of splitting H2O to make hydrogen and oxygen for fueling cheap and efficient cars that run on water.

The process of creating the material was recently reported in "Self-assembling biomolecular catalysts for hydrogen production" in the journal Nature Chemistry. Read the full news article.

(Posted 1/4/2016)

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