Travel Management Website for more details

What to do before you leave on a trip.

1. You need to intitiate your travel in the Travel@IU system. You can log into your own profile from OneStart, or you can contact for assistance. You will need to complete the Travel Request Form if you would like assistance with your travel preparation.

2. Chemtrav can assist with direct billing at few items IU accounts. These include Airfare, Registrations and Hotels. All prepaid direct bill purchases require the travel be initiated in the Travel@IU system, which will generate a Trip ID. The Trip ID and IU Account number are required for the purchase.

  1. Airfare is purchased through the Orbitz for Business system and required that each individual be added to that system. You can contact and request that you be added, or a travel arranger at can assist with the setup request, as well as the flight purchase. This does requrire about 24hrs advance notice, so don’t wait untill you find the perfect flight to start the process.
  2. Hotels can be direct billed through our site. You can Sign Up, or contact for assistance with the hotel purchase. The site operates much like the regular site, but will send the charge to the IU Account number that is listed by the user. Do keep in mind that any conference pricing will NOT be reflected on the site. All conference pricing will require the traveler to make the reservation and purchase indepenently, and be reimbursed after the trip has concluded.
  3. Registrations can be purchase either through Travel@IU system, or with the assistance of a travel arranger.
  4. Rental cars can only be direct bill through MotorPool or Enterprise Campus Rental, and only if they orriginate from Bloomington, IN.

What to do when you return from a trip.