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Name Phone Room Sponsor E-mail
Ma, Yiran None A263 Reilly yirma
Maciulis, Nicholas 57210 A242 Caulton/Smith nmaciuli
MacKnight, Michael 65962 S210 VanNieuwenhze mamackni
Malone, Heather 61594 S039A Jacobson hrmalone
Marcyk, Paul None A317 Cook pmarcyk
Marion, Keevan None S108A Pohl kcmarion
Martin, Erin 57031 160A Peters etmartin
Martin, Julia 66398 S310 Giedroc julemart
Martinez, Jr., Jorge None C257 Smith martijor
Masitas Castillo, Cesar S113A Lab for Biological Mass Spec cmasitas
McCoy, Kimberly 58819 S011 Douglas mccoyki
McKee, Andrew S308B agmckee
McKinley, Katie MSBII Raff kdmckinl
McMurray, Danny 64124 C051/A701 Information Technology Group danmcmur
Metzger, Erin C245 Zaleski erimetzg
Michael, David michael
Miles, Tricia 54532 C203F Ortoleva tpmiles
Miller, Kenneth Adjunct Professor
Miller, Lauren None A210 Jarrold, M. lm44
Miller, Nathan 57305 A019 Mechanical Instrument Service millerns
Millikan, Sean None A259 Smith seamilli
Misal, Santosh 67912 A263/254 Reilly samisal
Miter, Gabriel A. 67923 A336 Williams gmiter
Montgomery, Lawrence K. 54594 A354 Emeritus Faculty montgome
Moreillon, Connor P. None C324/325 Skrabalak cpmoreil
Morgan, David 61457 S047D Electronic Microscopy Center dagmorga
Morris, Tobias 60869 033A Tait tobmorri
Mroz, Piotr A563 DiMarchi pamroz
Mubarak, Mohammad None 162B Peters mmubarak
Murphy, Brennan 65962 S210A VanNieuwenhze murphyba
Nagy, Gavril None S110B Pohl nagyg
Nieves-Colon, Gabriel None S110A Pohl ganieves
Novotny, Milos V. 58031 C105A Emeritus Faculty novotny
Oakley, Martha G. 54843 S320A Oakley oakley
Ortoleva, Peter J. 66000 C203E Ortoleva ortoleva
Ozturk, Sukru 60869 S033A Tait sfozturk