Administrative Offices


Chair's Office

The Chair's Office provides appointments with the chair, academic policies, academic salaries, IU Foundation accounts, colloquium expense reimbursement, and faculty recruiting reimbursement. It is located on the first floor, in C125, and is open from 8-12 & 1–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For general information, call (812) 855-6239.

Office Staff

Stephen Jacobson
(812) 855-2268
Stephen Jacobson is the current Chair for the chemistry department at IU.

Romualdo DeSouza
Associate Chair
(812) 855-3767
Romualdo DeSouza is the Associate Chair for the chemistry department at IU.

Alita Hornick
Director of Business
(812) 855-2944

Judi Roberts
Chair Secretary
(812) 855-2268
Judi is Secretary to the Chair and should be contacted to schedule appointments with the Chair.

Mary Skinner
Office Services Assistant Senior
(812) 855-6239

Business Office

The Chemistry Business Office is located on the first floor of the Chemistry Building in C115 and is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays. The general information phone number is 855-9043.

Services Provided

Online Forms

Office Staff

Cheryl Johnson
(812) 855-2246
Cheryl is the Business Office Manager, and the department Personnel Manager. Specific responsibilities include the establishment, reclassification, and recruitment of staff positions, listing of staff vacancies and screening of clerical applicants, management of payroll activities, Affirmative Action and employment coordination of postdoctoral fellow recruitment, assistance with visas and work permits. She is responsible for working with International Services on completing the online visa application for incoming academic appointees. Her office is located in the Business Office in room C115C.

Matt Kovach
(812) 855-2241
Matt is the Chemistry Building Manager. He is responsible for all Chemistry maintenance and repair of facilities, laboratory modification and remodeling, and design and construction of new facilities. His office is located in the Business Office in room C115E.

Susie DuMond
(812) 855-6104
Susie is the Department's payroll associate. She assists in the review and approval process for biweekly and monthly payroll. She is responsible for reconciling income and expenses made on the departmental account (10-247-00). hourly employment & hourly, biweekly and monthly payroll processing, coordinating the department's telephone system including activation of data lines,

Linda Cage
(812) 856-2296

Linda processes requisitions and purchase orders for the department. In addition, she processes disbursement vouchers for out-of-pocket expenses.

Jane Hanser
(812) 855-9044

Jane is responsible for issuing Departmental keys, securing room reservations, distributing check-out forms and oversees all incoming and out-going mail. In addition, she coordinates audio visual equipment requests, orders office supplies and oversees mailbox assignments. She is responsible for a wide range of general information, and she is usually able to refer specific questions to the best source for assistance.